What I've been reading lately...

I've been on a bit of a comics kick recently. In no particular order, here's some of what I've been reading, and what I thought about them:

This, and the sequel Stormbringer, are freakin' awesome.  Moorcock himself has rightly praised these versions of his tales. They really do feel like the definitive versions, to me. The artwork is stunning and the world-building is really impressive. I just wish they'd hurry up with the next volume! If you haven't checked them out, then go get them. Now.

I picked up the graphic novel of Fray from a very cool second hand bookshop in Ojai, California, called Bart's Books. I'd always meant to read this when it came out years ago, but for some reason never got around to it. It's a good addition to the Slayer mythos - as a character, Fray is not just a futuristic Buffy clone. Good fun. 

Other than Batman ('cos Batman), I've never been a huge DC fan, so I know for a fact that I missed many of the references in this, but it didn't really matter - this was just a good story, well told, and with the beautiful art of Alex Ross. Made me want to re-read Marvels.

Locke and Key hooked me more than any other comic has in recent times. Loved it. A really cool idea - one that when I was reading it, made me think 'man, I wish I'd come up with this idea.'

I've only read the first graphic novel of Fatale, but I really enjoyed it. Noir-ish detective thriller crossed with Cthulhu - how can you go wrong? The first graphic novel worked really well as a stand-alone piece, I thought, so I look forward to seeing how the second volume goes.

I came late to Saga, and was a little unsure if it would live up to the hype... but it did. A great read. Rectify it if you, like me, are coming late to the party.

More Brian K. Vaughan goodness. I just realised (yes, realised with an 's'. I many be living in the US these days, but spelling it with a 'z' just seems... wrong) that I haven't actually finished reading Y the Last Man... I'm not sure why. I should change that, as it's great.

Can't go wrong with a bit of Hellboy, and there were a few volumes that I'd never got around to reading, such as The Wild Hunt, so I've been going back and filling those gaps. Damn I really hope they make Hellboy 3 and do it well. 

I tend to wait for the collected volume before reading comic runs - but RunLoveKill was an exception. The art is done by friend and work colleague Eric Canete (he was also co-writer of the story), and you should check it out. It's rad. 

Any awesome graphic novels that you've read recently that I should check out?