"Where's the Mountain Dew?"

Just over a month ago I packed up my belongings to put into storage, but I took the snapshot below before this particular picture went into a box. This was presented to me by the guys just before I left the UK in 2006. Pretty cool, huh? Oh how fresh-faced and youthful we all looked...

Must say, this really was one freakin' awesome roleplaying group. We'd play every Wednesday at Graham's house (accompanied by pizza and wine/beer), and damn it was fun.

We played D+D mostly - one mammoth campaign brilliantly run by Marky Mark Raynor that lasted the whole time - interspersed with random board game nights, a short Warhammer Roleplay interlude and an awesome Firefly adventure concocted by Graham. In the D+D campaign I played Tann, a human barbarian/druid with rage issues... until he got turned to stone and left as a statue in the depths of a dungeon. After that I played Azazel, a Tiefling spellthief who was a proper little bastard.

Ah, good times.

Oh, and if you don't know what I was talking about with the title of this blog post (shame on you), then go here. Right now. Actually, even if you did know what I was referring to, then go watch it again anyway. You know you want to.