Grail Knight, reviews and Dark Creed

Just a quick one today. I'm still recovering from a flu that's been hanging around for too long (see previous post), which has seen my work grind to a standstill - its on these days/weeks that not getting sick pay really hurts! Anyway, things are getting back on track, and I'm just about to get cracking on Grail Knight. More info on that soon. Some of these are old news really, but I've just seen a few reviews for Dark Creed.

It's pleasing to see that people seem to be liking it. I struggled writing this one, and must admit I hit a point halfway through when I wondered if it would get finished at all. It was at about the half way mark when I managed to cleverly lose over 20,000 words with a cut-and-paste/save error of my own devising,which was a bit of a body blow. It certainly reinforced the notion of frequent saves and backups! After that, it took a long time to regain a good flow of work, and I re-wrote, re-worked and re-edited myself silly, not being completely happy with what I was producing. In all, I reckon I wrote about 200,000 words for this book, which considering the final product is about 100,000 words, means I wrote twice as much as I should have, really. Definitely some learning points to be had! Being that it was such a bugger to get written, its hugely gratifying to hear people are digging it.